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2020 OSSA Skater of the Year Awards

We are excited to announce our 2020 Skater of the Year Awards! 

Click the image below to view the Awards Announcement video!

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Congrats to our OSSA 2020 Skaters of the Year!


Level 1 Officials Clinic Registration Now Open!

OSSA is hosting an online Level 1 Officials Clinic: Introduction to Speed Skating on the evenings of Monday August 17 (Part 1) AND Wednesday August 19 (Part 2). Each part is 2 hours in length. Participants must attend both Parts in order to successfully complete the clinic. 
Spots are limited. Please register early!

 2x 2-hour evening sessions via Zoom
Date: Monday August 17 AND Wednesday August 19, 2020
Cost: $20.00 + HST ($22.60)

Registration Deadline: Wednesday August 12, 2020
Register HERE

Level 1 is an Introduction to the Sport of Speed Skating, which explains roles of each official and how meets are run.  It is a fantastic 4 hour clinic that each parent/guardian/coach should participate in if they have an interest in the sport and competitions.



OSSA is hosting a 1-day online FUNdamentals Leader course on
Saturday August 15, 2020.
Spots are limited. Please register early!

 1-day (8 hours) online via GoTo Meeting  
Date: Saturday August 15, 2020
Minimum age: 14 years old 
Cost: $65.00 + HST ($73.45)

Registration Deadline: Friday August 7, 2020
Register 旋风加速器专业版安卓

FUNdamentals Leader is an excellent course for teenage speed skaters who are interested in coaching and for parents who want to help with coaching or simply learn more about speed skating! You can read more about the different coaching courses on the SSC website here. 



Next week we will announce our 2020 OSSA Annual Award Recipients!
To see the announcement videos, tune in to our Social Media Channels on:
Monday July 27th at 7pm for the Skater of the Year Awards and
Wednesday July 29th at 7pm for the Official, Volunteer and Club of the Year Awards!
We will also post the Awards Winners on our website.

We would like to extend our thanks to our Awards Committee for their work on this year’s awards! Our Committee Members are Julie Colbourne-Milne, Neil Monkman, Carole Emblin, Mike Murray and Kathleen Currie.

We look forward to celebrating our members and their accomplishments!



Due to the uncertainties surrounding COVID-19 including gathering restrictions, facilities modifications and physical distancing requirements, OSSA has made the difficult decision to cancel the Nagano Skate Camp scheduled for August 10-14, 2020 at RIM Park in Waterloo. We thank you for your patience while we worked to determine whether it would be safe to proceed with this year’s camp.

OSSA will be issuing refunds via cheque for any payments made towards camp fees to date. Refunds will be sent out by July 30, 2020.

We are happy to announce that Ryan and Sean McAnuff have agreed to continue with our OSSA Virtual Dryland program until the end of August. We look forward to extending the Live Video Dryland sessions throughout the summer and we hope skaters will take advantage of this training! You can submit your interest for the program here: The program is free of charge.

Thank you for your understanding.

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